Jeddah was aroused. He could hear the moans of the American tourist coming from the overgrown alcove below him. She, like so many other American women, had taken the flight to the island he called home. More than a few even made the trip with their boyfriends or husbands in tow. They came here to eat, drink, and fuck. Fuck the locals. It was very wink wink, nudge nudge when it came to staying at the resorts here. If Jeddah wasn’t getting paid so well, he might have taken offense to his country being used as a playground for rich tourists to live out their debauched fantasies.

        He couldn’t see the American, but he could hear her stuttered moans as one of the other resort employees thrust into her somewhere in the underbrush. This was a popular spot to take tourists, Jeddah had a good vantage point to the alcove, but he didn’t want to give himself away scrambling to the ledge, where they might hear him. He had never taken a tourist here, or anywhere for that matter. The guys working at Sunrise Resort who went with the tourists were the waitstaff, bartenders, and surf instructors. Jeddah was only a groundskeeper, but it wasn’t all bad. He worked unsupervised and had plenty of time to find nice hiding places to enjoy himself. Some days he even got a show. He thought back fondly to his first year at the resort, when he was trimming some hedges and came across a thin woman with olive skin and long brown hair bent over the railing of her cottage porch. She was being fucked from behind by one of the bartenders. She smiled at Jeddah and the bartender started yelling at him to go away. He ran away that time, but he never forgot it.

        He had heard the rumors, but until that day, he didn’t think any of the employees were actually hooking up with the guests. He didn’t think that it would take him so long to have a turn at it, but it had been over two years, and he hadn’t done anything more than spy on some employees showing their brand of hospitality. There wasn’t much time for a groundskeeper to get to know the guests. He worked alone, mostly outside at hours the guests were sleeping or eating breakfast.

        Jeddah heard the other employee groan as he finished with the tourist, he kept low in the bushes in case either of them was looking up the hill. He would have to wait until they walked back out onto the beach before he could climb back up the hill to his cart. He had his radio turned down low enough that he could still hear it, but nobody would miss him this time of day. Jeddah could ride out the end of his shift on the borders of the resort, picking up litter and smoking spliffs until he traded his garden hat for his signature baseball cap. That was his plan anyway.

        It didn’t take the couple long to make themselves scarce before Jeddah clambered up the hill. He drove the cart away from the main resort area out to the utilities shed. Nobody came out this way if they didn’t have to. All of the action was back in the main area. Jeddah, and the other groundskeeper, Kanti, were the only two people who ever made their way up here. The shed was big enough for a couch on one end and a chair and small desk close to the door. There was a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling that cast a dim light over the cramped, but clean shed. They kept everything in the storage closet outside, converting the utilities shed into something of a daytime clubhouse.

        Kanti was reading a magazine when Jeddah walked into the shed. He barely looked up at Jeddah before he started speaking. “Hey mon, the front desk called and they need you to fix the lightswitch in Room 408.”

        “Why can’t ya do it instead, Kanti?”

        “I’m colorblind mon, can’t tell the wiring apart nah.”

        Jeddah wasn’t sure if that was bullshit or not, Kanti had said that before. It wasn’t an issue, only Kanti would owe him next time there was a backed up toilet from one of these tourists. Lightswitch wasn’t the worst call he got all month. He wrinkled his nose, thinking about the mess a drunk guest made after drinking all day and then smoking a spliff with some of the guys. She puked all over the walking path to the handball courts. It took Jeddah two hours to scrub the place dry. He was pissed until he watched her check out and leave, hopefully forever.

        He grabbed his tools out of the storage closet and hopped back into the cart. Room 408 was on the far side of the resort, in Tower B. The owners called them towers, but they were just five-story buildings with some hotel rooms in them. The more choosey guests stayed in the cottages that dotted the resort grounds. They offered more privacy and had their own hot tubs. He wanted so badly to get invited back to party in one of those cottages. He had taken out the trash after plenty of party weekends, they had all the good stuff, drinks, hash, powder, the place was always littered with leftovers. The American tourists would always leave at the end of the trip dressed in loose clothing, with big sunglasses that looked like bug eyes. A stark difference from their appearances upon arrival. Ready to conquer new lands, conquer mountains, get high out of their minds and fuck all day and night.

        The cart bumped down the path, its electric motor whirring almost silently as the tires kicked up loose gravel. Kanti had tuned their carts up, made them a lot faster than the factory had sold them to Sunrise. He could be anywhere as fast or as slow as he wanted to be. It was still early enough in the afternoon, those guests wouldn’t need the light until later. Jeddah swung the cart down a side path that ran closer to the beach. From here, he could see the white sand through the thick palms. There was a row of beach chairs that he and Kanti dragged out every morning.

        He rode past the sauna and the main pool, now full of guests. Some swam, but most of them were already drinking and enjoying the sunshine. There was a nice thatched hut that served as a bar for the pool. The bartenders here enjoyed one of the best jobs on the resort, they served drinks to all of the guests. They often did more than that as shifts changed and night fell across the island. Jeddah drove up the hill towards Tower B, passing a group of gazebos that offered the guests some privacy in between the pool bar and their hotel rooms. At night these gazebos could get very busy.

        Tower B loomed out of the tropical undergrowth, built in a clearing cut out of the jungle, it was concrete and glass, rather simple, made prettier by its pastel paint job. The tourists thought the buildings looked “more tropical” painted in silly colors. Jeddah lifted his toolbox out of the cart and took the staff elevator up to the fourth floor. His knock on the door of room 408 was answered by an older blonde in a bathrobe. She filled it out nicely. He tried to keep his gaze on her face.

        “I’m here to fix the light switch, Miss.”

        “My, aren’t you tall? Come in please. My husband thinks it’s something to do with the dimmer.”

        “Which one is it, ma’am?”

        “It’s in the bathroom. I wanted to take a shower and it’s not working.”

        “Okay, I will take a look ma’am.”

        Jeddah went into the bathroom and flipped the switch. The light turned on just fine. Adjusted the dimmer. That was working properly too. Confused, Jeddah turned around. The blonde was standing in the doorway behind him, her robe dropped to the floor. She smiled. “It was never broken, honey. I’m sorry to put you through all of that hassle, but I still could use help with something else.”

        Jeddah was shocked, he couldn’t help himself as he stared up and down her naked body. She was curvy, with a soft belly and big, full breasts held behind her crossed arms, which she let down to her waist as she walked towards him. She looked at his nametag. “Hi Jeddah, I’m Karen. I hope you’re not shy. Do you like what you see?”

        He fumbled to find the right words for a moment before he choked out a mumbled “Yes.” Karen took his hand and put it to her breast, he began to tease her nipple as she slid a hand into his work pants. He was already growing in her hand. She pushed him away, smiling. “Not here, come to the bedroom.”

        They crossed the suite hand in hand, Jeddah, in his work gear, following this naked tourist like something out of a bad porno. She opened the bedroom door and led him to her bed. He had already kicked off his boots when he had heard a small cough. Jeddah looked over to see a rotund bald man sitting in a chair behind the open door. Karen smiled pleadingly at Jeddah. “I hope you don’t mind if my husband watches, it’s a thing we have.”

        Jeddah tried to play it cool. “Yeah, sure. It’s fine.”

        Karen smiled and began to unbuckle Jeddah’s belt. He helped her as she struggled with the latch, letting them fall to his feet before stepping out of them. He pulled off his shirt, revealing rippling abs under dark skin. Karen ran her hand over Jeddah’s chest before falling to her knees. She pulled down his underwear, his cock already hard again, and took him into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around his shaft and began bobbing her head up and down. Jeddah couldn’t believe his luck. He was getting his cock sucked by a colonizer’s wife in their hotel room and doing it on company time. Karen struggled as she tried to fit all of Jeddah in her mouth, she was sucking loudly, lips smacking across the head of his cock.

        He pulled her off of him and told her to lay face down on the bed, he got to his knees as she spread her pearly white cheeks apart, offering herself to him. Jeddah licked her lightly across her fold before plunging his tongue into Karen’s pussy. She moaned into the mattress and her hands gripped even tighter. She turned her head off the mattress. “I want you inside of me.”

        Jeddah silently obliged her, looked down at his dick and then at her. Karen replied, as if reading his mind. “Oh I’m a decade past the point of having to worry about that honey, no kids for us.”

        Not exactly the best come on he ever got, but hey, she was hot for an older lady. She scooted up the bed for him and he thrust slowly into Karen, letting her work herself down his cock. Jeddah started out at a slow pace, they felt each other out for a while. He grabbed her hips as they got into a rhythm, their hips moving in unison. Jeddah was pumping into her hard. Karen was moaning his name now. He shoved her head down onto the bed, wrapping her hair in his hand. He forced himself deep inside of her, not letting up. Jeddah would make sure she remembered a five star experience when she was leaving her post-trip review. His leg was starting to cramp. “Let’s switch it up, get on top, ride me woman.”

        Jeddah laid back on the bed and Karen easily slid on top of him. She smiled down at him as she felt him deep inside. She ground her hips into him, knees digging into the bed. Karen tossed her head back as she got into a groove, riding Jeddah like a pro. They fucked like this for a while, at one point Jeddah looked over and saw that Karen’s husband had his cell phone out, pointed towards his wife’s ass, which was bouncing on a stranger’s cock.

        Karen was dangling her breasts in Jeddah’s face, he reached out with his mouth and began to suck on her nipple. “Oh yeah, that’s the spot honey.”

        She moaned and pulled his head into her chest, really riding hard now. They were sweating, the room was hot and stank of sex. The only sound was their shared moans as Karen’s voluptuous ass cheeks clapped on Jeddah’s big cock. He couldn’t hold on much longer, she was using her pussy to grip him tight. “Karen, I’m gonna-”

        Karen cut him off with a scream of her own, she began convulsing on Jeddah as she came. He couldn’t stop as he began to come deep inside of her, groaning as he filled her with his seed. She fell on top of Jeddah, and they rode the wave of their orgasm covered in sweat. Karen kissed Jeddah and eased her way off of him. “That was a lot of fun Jeddah, what time does your shift end?”

        “My shift ends at 8 PM, Miss Karen.”

        “Think you’ll be ready to go again by then?”

        “Of course. They will think I’m doing a bad job if you call twice in one night.”

        She helped him back into his work shirt and walked him to the door. Jeddah didn’t make eye contact with Karen’s husband on the way out. Karen kissed him again and gave his hand a squeeze as he left with his tools in tow. “See you tonight, Jeddah.”

        The birds seemed to be chirping a little bit louder as Jeddah drove the cart back across Sunrise Resort. He would take his time getting back to the shed.